Welcome to the Manawatu Craft and Food Fair!

We have set out below some information in relation to this event for our stall holders and what to expect on the day of the Manawatu Craft and Food Fair.

Please read this information sheet thoroughly as it contains a lot of information that all stall holders need to know about the Manawatu Craft and Food Fair.

Contacting Manawatu Craft and Food Fair

You can contact the Manawatu Craft and Food Fair organiser through e-mail, website, or Facebook.

E-mail or Facebook are the best and fastest ways to contact the organiser.


Stall Holder Fees and Payment

As a Stall Holder you will have already been sent an invoice (including payment details and your stall site number) for your Stall Site.  All stall sites must be paid for in full two weeks prior to each event.  If you are attending more than one event and have opted to pay for all events at once then full payment is due two weeks prior to the first event you will be attending.

When making payment for your stall site you must use your business name and invoice number only as your reference.  If these are not on your payment you may not get your stall site allocated.

If you are no longer able to attend the Manawatu Craft and Food Fair, you have applied for you must notify us within five days of the event starting.  If you have already paid for your stall site your payment can be carried over and can be used towards one of our other Manawatu Craft and Food Fair events that you have applied for.

No refunds will be given.

Stall Holder Raffles

At each Manawatu Craft and Food Fair we hold two $2.00 Raffles at the door for customers to purchase and to be in to win the raffle prizes donated from our Stall Holders.

All proceeds from our raffles will be going to a local Manawatu Organisation.  Tickets can be purchased for $2.00 each.

If you have any products, you would like to be added to the raffles please let us know.  Remember to include a business card or flyer so the winner knows who you are.  This does not have to be a large or pricey item and can also be a Gift Voucher for your business that the winner can use later.

All raffle donations will be collected on the morning of our event.  Either dropped off to the registration table or popped in the box as we do a whip-round around 9:00am.

This all helps in the marketing of your business at the Manawatu Craft and Food Fair and makes it a little bit different from other events.

What You Can Sell

Manawatu Craft and Food Fair is for handmade crafts and food only.  Products commercially produced or imported for mass distribution and not created by the stall holder will only be allowed at the event organisers discretion.

Other items you may not sell are:
-  Live animals, fish, or birds.
-  Copies or fake designer brands.
-  Offensive or counterfeit unauthorised products.
-  Weapons or Knives.
-  Items associated with the illegal use of drugs.

Food and Alcohol Stalls

All Food and Alcohol Stall holders must trade in accordance with the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974.

It is the sole responsibility of the Food Stall holder to comply with all the specific legal requirements of the products that they are selling, including all relevant consumer legislation and any local authority health requirements.